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We’re Josh and David. We met in 2012, playing board games in a coffee shop in Washington, DC, and we hit it off right away. It was a wonderful way to meet, because we knew from the start that we had a lot in common and that we liked each other. Since then, we’ve learned that we had similar dreams, hopes, and aspirations for our lives. We’ve been together ever since, and have made a close and cozy life together, filled with laughter and love.

We got married in 2018, and bought our house later that same year. We don’t have any children yet, but we know this is the right time for us to start a family, so that a child can grow up in the safe and caring home environment we’ve built together. We’re looking for someone to help us start the next chapter of our life together, by allowing us to offer a child a place in our home and family.

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Financial Support

Expectant mothers who choose to make an adoption plan may qualify for some level of financial assistance during their pregnancy. However, each person's situation and specific needs are different. Your adoption social worker can help you determine what level of assistance you qualify for and deserve. Many expectant mothers qualify for financial assistance to cover basic pregnancy and living expenses, including but not limited to - transportation reimbursement, utility assistance for phone, water, and electricity/gas, maternity clothing and supplements, etc.


Food & Groceries


Medical Expenses


Rent & Utilities


Household Items





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FAQ’s about placing a baby for Adoption

I'm considering giving my baby up for adoption. How much does that cost?

It won't cost you anything. If you choose to place your baby for adoption, all of your medical and legal fees will be covered and you may be eligible for financial assistance with other pregnancy-related expenses.

I'm experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and don't know who the birth father is. Can I still place my baby for adoption?

Yes. Even if you don’t know the identity of the birth father, you can still choose to make an adoption plan. However, every adoption situation is different. The adoption social worker you’re assigned to will get to know you and your story first, and then guide you through the process accordingly.

When is the right time to talk with an adoption professional?

You can make an adoption plan at any point in your pregnancy, even after the baby has been born. But, it's important to start the process as early in your pregnancy as possible. Connecting with those resources will allow you to gain access to important medical services, including prenatal care, to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

When I create an adoption plan, will I get to choose who is in the room with me during delivery?

One aspect of your adoption plan is the "Hospital Plan" an outline of how you'd like your hospital stay and delivery to go. You can craft this on your own or with the help of your adoption social worker. But everything is up to you. You’ll be able to choose who comes to the hospital with you, who is in the room with you during delivery, and how much time you’d like to spend with the baby before signing the final papers.

How much contact will I have with the adoptive family after I place my baby with them?

As part of your adoption plan, you'll determine whether or not you’d like to have an open or closed adoption or something in between. Open adoptions may include phone calls, messaging (via social media, email, or text), and/or periodic visits each year. Closed adoptions may include no contact at all or annual updates provided to the birth parent(s) by the adoptive family. Each post-adoption relationship is different and can vary based on what an expectant mother chooses in her adoption plan.

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Our Blogs

Finally, some real snow!


This winter blessed our neighborhood with some beautiful snowstorms. Lots of kids took advantage by sledding down hills and building snowmen. Until we have a kid of our own, we're just happy to take lots of walks (and lots of pictures).      

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Tokyo Thanksgiving!


We've been very fortunate to have made many family trips to other parts of the world, including Puerto Rico, Germany, and Peru. For Thanksgiving, we flew to Japan to spend the holiday with David's sister, who lives with her husband in Tokyo. Our first day we went to the famous Shibuya neighborhood to pose with a famous celebrity, Hachiko the faithful dog. This was followed with a shopping spree, so we could bring many Japanese gifts home to give away as Christmas presents.   Our second day, we traveled out of the city to visit some mountain shrines and take in some fantastic views of Mount Fuji.   Our third day, we went to the Tokyo Zoo all day and then went to a sushi restaurant in the evening.   Our fourth day, we visited some historic sites in Tokyo. Our fifth and final day, we toured the Imperial Palace gardens before heading for the airport for the long flight home.   This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and we were really lucky to have family to host us during our stay. Who knows where we'll go next?

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Fall Fun and Festivities


Hello again from Josh and David, after a very busy autumn!  October marked the 10th anniversary of our first date, so we decided to celebrate by heading out to a cabin in Maryland near the West Virginia mountains. The cabin (in Deep Creek) was a fun location! We assembled legos in the downstairs game room, cooked up pasta in the kitchen, and listened to an audiobook while in the hot tub. Some day we hope to come back with our family! There was also plenty of time for some actual appreciation of the outdoors!  A quick hike to the mountain lake, and then a few hikes of the houses and trails around.  And one last peek at the leaves turning yellow that was highlighted by a guest appearance of some local wildlife! Of course we rounded out October with Halloween. Our theme this year was “Super Mario”. David dropped candy down a big green “pipe” while Josh (dressed as Mario) stood out front and managed the kids while they lined up for treats. In November we made a quick trip to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving with Josh’s parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew.  This year, David cooked up some childhood...

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Three Birthdays and an Anniversary


Greetings! Pretty shortly after our last post, we finished out a busy May. First came our wedding anniversary. We kept things simple by going to Old Town Alexandria (where we got married) and eating at our favorite pizza restaurant. Family came to visit us for David's birthday, and then we visited family for Josh's birthday. The most exciting birthday was our niece's, who turned one year old in July. She also got baptized (and David was asked to be her godfather), so we flew down to Puerto Rico and spent a long, eventful weekend with lots of family and food. Until next time!

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Springing forward!


This is turning out to be a big year for big weddings! In February, David's cousin got married in Puerto Rico. The venue was a gorgeous, Spanish-style villa in the mountains with plenty of room for a traditional Cuban wedding (and a traditionally large Cuban family). The best part of the trip was finally getting to meet our newest, youngest niece! In April, one of Josh's coworkers got married in Richmond, and we got to attend a traditional Hindu wedding. This was the biggest wedding we've ever been to! Two days of delicious food, fun dancing, and beautiful ceremonies. April is also Easter! Every year, the adults on our street get together and hide eggs, and then all of the neighborhood kids get let loose with their baskets for an egg hunt. This year we decided to get a little crafty with our eggs: We bought some papier-mâché eggs, painted them, and filled them with candy before hiding them around the neighborhood.   In the coming months, we have another wedding to go to, in addition to our own wedding anniversary, and another trip to Puerto Rico for our niece's baptism. We're very lucky to have so many opportunities to...

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Happy Autumn!


Hello from Josh and David! We had a busy time juggling work and a summer filled with catching up with family after too few visits, so when fall finally hit, we had two major goals: relax and get outdoors. We got some help with the first goal from our nephew, who recently became old enough for our entire family to start building Legos with him.  We were reminded how much we enjoy building Lego sets ourselves, so we decided to while away a weekend with this fun project, a Lego bonsai tree we could use as a decoration piece!     Lego builds are far more interesting than when we were kids. Look closely! Lego repurposed frog-shaped pieces to be the flower petals of the “cherry” bonsai! We also tried our hand at some new wooden puzzles, using a mix of weirdly shaped puzzles pieces—some were even people in various poses!  Though; why on earth did we choose a puzzle whose colors were only black, white, and grey?  Talk about Hard Mode. We stayed at a Cabin to get out more, but the weather kept us indoors on the first day, so PUZZLE time! We also met Josh’s parents halfway between our...

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Spring at last!


Holidays are important family events for us, but this year we continued to play it safe by staying home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Now we (and our family members) are finally vaccinated. And the month of May (which is when we have our wedding annivesary, David's birthday, and the birthday of Josh's brother) was a perfect month to make up for lost family time. Josh's parents visited us for a very relaxing weekend at the start of the month (and we got to play some video games!) Then we visited Josh's family in Pittsburgh for a joint birthday celebration (with ice cream cake!) For our wedding anniversary, we decided not to go out to any restaurants, movies, or antyhing else, because we are still being cautious about public crowds. Instead, we hired our wedding caterer to remake some of the food that we had at our reception, so we could recapture some of the memories while safely at home. Last weekend, David's mother came up from Florida to visit us, and we had a lot of fun grilling on the back deck as well as going out for ice cream.  

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Happy Halloween!


One of the things we love about our neighborhood is how child-friendly it is. Halloween is a big event here, and the street is full of trick-or-treaters out with their families. We love seeing all the decorations go up. Today, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and take some photos so you could see how much fun people are having. We can't wait till we're parents and it's our turn to take a child up and down the street, knocking on doors and shouting Trick or Treat!

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!


When we were shopping for a house, we looked for the kind of home we’d want to grow up in when we were children. We found our dream home on a suburban cul-de-sac in the middle of a nature conservancy. Today I'd like to take you on a walk around the neighborhood! Our neighborhood is surrounded by 1,700 acres of parkland with over 30 miles of walking trails and lots of playgrounds. There are plenty of beautiful places for a child to play in and explore. It's not unusual to see the occasional deer! If you take a five minute walk through the park, you'll quickly find yourself at our local commuter rail station! It's great knowing we have an easy way to get to and from the city. Bonus: The train station is near a baseball field! The train station also plays host to a Saturday farmers market that opens for business from May to December every year. It's a great way to do some shopping in the fresh air while stocking up on bread and produce. After a ten iminute walk in the other direction, and you'll find yourself at our local community swimming pool! Being from Florida,...

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David has family in Puerto Rico and has spent many summers and winters there. Since we met, David and Josh have made a few trips to Puerto Rico together, but this time we made the trip with Josh's parents, too! It's always wonderful to introduce a familiar place to people who've never been there before, because it lets you see old sights with new eyes.  Our first few days we spent in Old San Juan, the historic capital of Puerto Rico, where we explored the old fortress at El Morro, David's mom led us on tours of the cobblestone streets while sharing stories about the local landmarks. While in Puerto Rico, we also made a day trip to the El Yunque rainforest, where we climbed a tower and hiked up to a waterfall. And then we took the ferry to Vieques, where David's mother lives. She cooked paella for us, and then we made a late night trip to the bioluminescent bay, where we paddled kayaks out into the glowing water, with the Milky Way galaxy visible in the sky above us. It's a beautiful sight, and we can't wait to bring our child here someday to see it. Josh...

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